Welcome to Table Liturgy

A table is an open invitation into the presence and hospitality of a loving God. This is a resource designed to extend our corporate worship when we gather as Missional Communities, in our homes and around our tables.

How to use Table Liturgy:

Table Liturgy is designed to take place around a meal, with a short section before the food and the rest afterwards, framing our mealtime as an act of worship. Your community might want to have bread and wine or a candle symbolically in the middle to remind you of Christ’s presence. You may also want to encourage people to feast and celebrate by bringing their favourite wine or something that makes the meal feel special. Alternatively, you may want to make a very simple offer of hospitality which captures the accessibility of the Kingdom. One person in the group should assume the role of the Leader to facilitate the liturgy and the times of sharing. Another person can say the reading. Words written in bold are to be recited by all.


Artwork: Hanna Herrmann