• A watch party is a group of people who meet in person or online to join a Sunday gathering together.
    Current Guidelines do not allow anyone to enter one another’s homes.
    However, why not host a watch party on Zoom? Grab your own coffee, chat to one another beforehand, watch the gathering and pray together afterwards.
    With this in mind, who could you invite for church on a Sunday? Or meet up in a park after joining the online gathering separately? Maybe people from your Missional Community, or a family who live nearby, or someone you work with?

Take a photo and tag us online so we can encourage others to join in!


Tips for hosting your watch party



Don’t skip this step! Take some time to pray for yourself, your watch party and the people you want to invite.



Neighbours? Friends? Coworkers? We all have a circle to invite to church.

You should always follow local and government guidelines when it comes to social distancing and the size of your gathering. 

A watch party is more than a gathering of friends from church. Invite friends and neighbours too who might not be comfortable with “traditional church” or meeting in a church building. Think of those who you already have a natural affinity or friendship with. Have fun! 



How could you welcome people and create a relaxed, welcoming atmosphere – even on a video call?


Other ways to join Sunday Gatherings