The Candles 

Four candles sit around the ring of the wreath, each one pointing us to a different aspect of Advent. 

The first candle, sometimes called the “Prophecy Candle,” symbolizes the hope for a saviour we see in the prophets of Israel, and begins the season with a spirit of anticipation for the coming Christ. 

The second candle symbolizes love, and reminds us that the ultimate act of love was God sending his one and only Son into the world to eventually be the perfect sacrifice for our sins. 

The third candle symbolizes the peace God promises to all mankind through the Messiah.  

The fourth candle in the circle of the wreath the joy of the good news given to the shepherds in the fields by the heavenly hosts at Jesus’s birth. 

The centre candle is traditionally white and called the Christ Candle, lit on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day to symbolize the arrival of Christ and his light in the world.