We want to get better at doing our part in caring for our world together as a community. Here are a few ideas to get us started on a more sustainable lifestyle. #ThinkSustain

Meat Free Recipes

Try going meat free for a few meals each week. This is the best way to cut our environmental impact and improve our health. Here are a few recipe collections to get started with.

BBC Good Food – vegetarian collection

All Recipes – Meat Free Monday

Meat Free Monday recipes

Reducing our waste – reusable cups

Having tea and coffee before and after our Sunday gathering is something we love to do, but often we can end up with lots of thrown away cups every week! All our cups and lids are recyclable and biodegradable, but we can still do more to reduce our waste!

One way you might consider is to bring a resusable cup with you Sundays. Lots of shops sell them, often for only a couple of pounds, and many coffee shops today will fill your own cup – at a discount – when you buy a coffee – handy!

If you are using one of our cups, we have a bin especially for disposable cups, which can take liquids too in case you haven’t finished your drink. We also have seperate bins for dry mixed recycling, food waste and general waste.

Together we can all do our part to reduce the amount of things we are throwing away!

Shop local

Show your love for your community by shopping local, the retailers will really appreciate it. You can also buy local, seasonal produce, whether in your local shop or in your supermarket.

Use our cars less

Petrol and diesel cars are significant contributors to CO2 emissions. Switching to electric vehicles (and a renewables tariff) would eliminate those emissions. But if you can’t make that move right now, then consider trying to use your car a little less.

Try replacing one journey each week with walking, cycling or public transport.