Our new Foundations course offers a 5 week journey for those who are simply interested in exploring the Christian faith further.
The course is also for those who are wanting to prepare for baptism or at least wanting to explore the reasons to get baptised.
The outline of the five weeks is as follows:


Week 1: Christianity Explored Resource: Hope Explored [23/02/23]

Week 2: Christianity Explored Resource: Peace Explored [02/03/23]

Week 3: Christianity Explored Resource: Purpose Explored [09/03/23]

Week 4: Faith in a Secular Age. Is it reasonable to believe in God? [16/03/23]

Week 5. The meaning of Baptism in relation to the Christian life [23/03/23]


We will meet for 90 minutes, in a small group setting in our church building at 19:30. This will be hosted and led in a relaxed, informal and welcoming environment, where you are encouraged to bring your questions, doubts and willingness to learn. Nobody should feel any pressure – or be made little of – for their beliefs or experiences.
For those considering baptism it will become an essential place to review the foundations of the faith in order to take the next step in your faith journey.

If you have any further questions please email Stephen, or click below to sign up


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