Care at Adelaide Place 

Our community has always sought to be a place where people can experience healing, help and restoration. As we grow our desire is to make sure that pastoral care continues to be a core element of our culture.

For all of us, there are times in our lives when life can feel tough and things can be hard to deal with. Often, just belonging to a Jesus centred community can be healing in and of itself. We want to encourage everyone to belong well at Adelaide Place. Nevertheless, we also want to offer support and build a team that can help supplement and serve those in our community who need help above and beyond what our missional communities may be able to offer.


Do you need support and encouragement just now?


Sometimes the best starting point in receiving God’s care is through people who will simply make time to listen to what you are experiencing or going through. We have people who would love to make time to listen in confidence and help you discern what the next steps might be for your wellbeing and growth.


Click here to email Sheila about listening

Further Prayer:

We love that our God speaks. It can be really helpful for people to simply pray with you and listen to God’s heart for you in whatever circumstance you find yourself in. Further prayer times are not counselling sessions but specific times set aside for prayer support from people who have been trained to pray and encourage you in what God is speaking into your life.


Click here to email sheila about Further Prayer


Contact with the Lead Pastor and wider team:

If you would like contact with our Lead Pastor or anyone in the wider Core Leadership Team then please get in touch with or


Helpful Links:

Resources have been created to specifically enable anyone to talk about and tackle the issue of pornography:

The Naked Truth Project


COVID-19 – Get some help or offer to help

Our community has always sought to be a place where people can experience healing, help and restoration – and no global pandemic changes that!
We all need a little help from time to time. It might be something as simple as picking up the milk, walking the dog, or seeing a friendly face at the end of a video chat – we’re here for you!

We love hearing all the ways you’re already stepping up and helping your friends, family and neighbours. We’ve put together this form to help us coordinate what we can offer those who’d like a little help.

If you’ve got time and ability to offer help, let us know